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Should Blog Post Urls Have Dates

A SEO case study showing how showing dates in Google search impacts blog traffic and how you should show date in blog post to show it to visitors only.

URLs, site previews, etc. indexed. Likewise, if you have pages utilizing targeted keywords, you can enter those in your search query as well to see all the pages from your site that Google has indexed with those keywords! Example:.

Which is the Best Permalink Structure For Your Blog?. – This uses a year/month/date format followed by your post. but they work only if I enter each post URL.

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How to Give Your Best Blog Posts New Life (Even When Your URLs Don. If you have dates in your URLs, as well as i should have. But here is a good post to.

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If you can swing it, it’s really best if your blog URL and your blog title match. It will be much easier for your readers to find you. It’s quite possible, though.

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This post discusses the best permalink. Have you been using dates in your permalink structure for. For the base url of the blog, should it be /%postname%/ or.

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Keep the URL the same. If you publish the post with a different URL, it may be considered duplicate content. Search engines will see two separate pages with almost the same words on each. Keep the URL the same. That’s right, this is 1, 2 and 3 on our list! If your blog post ranks highly in natural search engine results, and you change the URL,

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The way Tumblr is built means you can use a certain set of URL tricks on any. from somewhere between today and the date the blog first. the post date).

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Note that this plugin only creates pages, not blog posts. An alternative is the Bulk Post and Page Creator plugin, which is less well established, but enables the.

The way Tumblr is built means you can use a certain set of URL tricks on any. from somewhere between today and the date the blog first. the post date).

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts. it’s good to stay up to date on the features and new versions. How many words should you have in your blog post?

Note: Bill Gates wrote in his blog, gatesnotes, that Warren Buffett not only. We welcome your feedback. Have something you think we should know about?.

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. if the post title is How To Change Blogger Post URL Using. , change blog post url, change blogger post url. to remove the date from the blogger post URL.

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They’ve got a great Youtube channel and a Snapchat account to, so you can keep up to date. have a great post about what they aim to achieve in 2018, with a.

How to Organize Your Blog Content. and add in the URLs for the actual blog posts. you will want to add start dates and due dates for each post as soon as.

There are good reasons to separate your blog from your website, Should the original post dates be kept, from each of the old blog URLs to the new blog.

For the purpose of SEO you have to change and alter the permalink structure of your blog posts. For best practices in SEO each of your blog post URL should contain.

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Find the Date of a Published Post with These Insanely Simple Tips. Google search URL. You should now see a date. and blog posts, this date is.

They’ve got a great Youtube channel and a Snapchat account to, so you can keep up to date. have a great post about what they aim to achieve in 2018, with a.

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WordPress Post GUIDs: Sometimes You Should Update Them. If you take a look at the RSS feed of this blog you will see elements. content, URL, dates,

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